Did You Know You Have a Billion Dollar Asset?

obesityDid you know that right now you have an asset that is so valuable, it far surpasses any amount you have in your IRA, stocks, mutual funds, business investments, your real estate, cars and all your possessions put together. It is worth far more than a billion dollars and you already own it. What possibly could this be? It’s your body. That’s right, your physical human body is a priceless asset and we can logically prove it.

Have you ever met a multi-millionaire or billionaire? How about one who is disabled? A wealthy person may be blind, may only have 1 leg, or may be paralyzed and dependent on a wheelchair. If you were blind, and if you had the option of paying 1 million dollars to be able to see again, if you had the money, would you do it? How about 10 million, or 100 million, or 1 billion? Most people would gladly trade money for part of their health back at any price, because your body is priceless.

The same goes for legs to walk again, or vocal chords to sing or talk again, or hands to work and help others. You’d better believe that right now if one of these disabled people could, they would be glad to give you millions or billions of dollars to be able to have your physical ability you may have right now. If you can walk, talk, see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and are in good health, then what you have now is so valuable you cannot put a price on it. If you had a cash register ringing up each of the valuable body parts you have, you likely would run out of digits. So, you can logically conclude that you are an extremely expensive and priceless human being.

Most people treat professional athletes, thoroughbred horses, cute dogs, cats, and pets, with extreme care and respect too. You would want them to exercise regularly and keep on a carefully planned and monitored diet for premium performance.

smoking cigarette
Smoking cigarettes are good for you. Oh wait, sorry I got it backwards, I mean, it will kill you. Most people consider the 2,000 people who died in the 9/11 attacks a tragedy, but what about the 4 million people who get killed every year from smoking? We have 2,000 September 11ths every year!

So, why is it that many people take their most valuable asset, their health, and put it at risk by avoiding exercise, not getting enough sleep, feeding it junk food, candy, preservative chemicals, alcohol, poison, and inhaling carbon monoxide? Some people say it’s so inhumane to clip a cat’s toe nails, but the same people can grossly mistreat themselves without even seeming aware of it. Is this done because people really think they’re better off subjecting their bodies to abuse, or is it a lack of self-control, or perhaps is it because advertising, culture, and peer pressure tells them that’s normal?

If you like smoking, please take a moment to consider the pros and cons. Have you logically sat down with a piece of paper and decided that you are overall better off and will be a happier person and have a more enjoyable life if you smoke? Have you ever met a goal-oriented person who has set a goal to someday start smoking so they could enjoy their life more? If it is truly a worthwhile and beneficial activity that non-smokers should have, then why don’t we see people coordinating, planning, hoping, and looking forward to achieving it?

Most people consider the 2,996 people who died in the September 11, 2001 attacks against the U.S. a tragedy. But what about the 419,000 premature deaths in the U.S. caused by smoking every year? (source: American Cancer Society) That is like having 140 September 11ths in the U.S. every year. So, in ten years, that is more than 4 million people who get killed, or nearly 1,400 September 11th attacks. And that is only in the U.S.

In the world, instead of taking 10 years to kill the that many, 4 million people perish every year from smoking (source: World Health Organization [WHO]). That’s 1,335 September 11ths every year, worldwide. And we not only allow the attacks and allow people to get killed, we actually promote the attacks from our countries allowing cigarette companies to advertise. About 1 billion people in the world are smokers, and the smoking consistently kills half of its users. That doesn’t seem very promising if you’re considering starting smoking! But unfortunately, this message hasn’t been received, because smoking is on the rise and WHO predicts up to 8 million deaths (per year) by 2030. Tomorrow another 11,000 will die from smoking. Then another 11,000 after that, and we’ll continue to have 3 1/2 September 11ths disasters every day, from today until the rest of the year, and we’ll watch it increase until more and more people die. What a complete, utter tragedy, that is continuing on and on. Smoking has caused millions more deaths than the holocaust, and far more than any war in the history of the world. But this tragedy isn’t in the news much. People might rather hear about the lost baby in Florida, or a sex scandal in D.C., than the 11,000 that will die tomorrow.

It’s ironic that the teens and young adults who start smoking begin because it feels cool, independent, and rebellious, but that idea was a socially-manufacured idea from the cigarette companies. They basically had a product that was addictive and killed people and were trying to figure out how to get people to use it. So, through advertising, they brainwashed people to accept the toxic product as being cool, and it worked! So, instead of the smokers being liberated and feeling independent, they’re actually mindless puppets of a corporate-invented social experiment, and later become slaves to addiction.

Consider trying to take charge of your health and disregard other people who pressure you into killing your body with cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. It’s not worth the temporary feeling of friendship or social acceptance. These friends may come and go, you still be stuck with your same body and whatever harm you have caused it until the day you die. Take care of it and you will feel better, happier and healthier. Your body is too precious of an asset to jeopardize.

Horses Running

If you have an accident and hurt yourself, such as your knee that may require ACL surgery, do everything possible for a strong recovery. Treat your body like a multi-million dollar thoroughbred race horse, working and training hard for a successful recovery and maintain a body that will perform well and last a long time for an enjoyable life. You deserve it, even if you don’t feel like you do right now. You will thank yourself later. See you at the finish line!

3 thoughts on “Did You Know You Have a Billion Dollar Asset?”

  1. I kinda knew this, but it’s pretty convincing the way you presented it. Time for a smoke break…

  2. People are sometimes too lazy. Life is tough. Work is hard. It takes enough energy providing for a family, and sometimes no time or energy left to take care of themselves. It is a downhill spiral from there though. No easy way to recover once you get stuck in that cycle. But its true that there’s support groups for just about everything if you look hard enough. So, they wouldn’t have to do it alone, I guess.

  3. That’s sad that so many people die from cancer sticks but you hardly hear about it. I think many people die from 2nd hand smoke too. So, it’s not just people exercising their freedom, but affects others too. Stay out of my air.

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