Quarterback Robert Griffin III Underwent ACL Surgery

Quarterback of the Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III,  had undergone ACL surgery to repair the anterior cruciate ligament yesterday morning (1-9-2013) as well as repair a lateral collateral ligament in his right knee. Knee surgeries are technical surgeries that require months of rehabilitation and it is likely this may affect the 2013 season for the high-performance football player.

Griffin had torn his ACL previously in 2009 while playing at Baylor and is hopeful this time it will be a stronger, longer-lasting outcome.

5 thoughts on “Quarterback Robert Griffin III Underwent ACL Surgery”

  1. We’ll hope for the best. No player wants to undergo a surgery like this, putting a career at risk, but without it everything is on hold- you can’t progress. Best of luck with your new ACL, Griffin.

    1. thank you for explaining how this surgery is done. iam 60 years old having aACL TEAR and medial meniscus tear is that surgery will be good for me

  2. Redskins will have to strengthen their game without him, hopefully will be a better team when Griffin rejoins them in fall 2013 (hopefully).

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