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Save time! If you are considering having ACL surgery that costs thousands, consider first investing only $9 on the “Cheat Sheet”- an e-book that can help you make a better decision about your ACL repair; some of the info may surprise you! If you recently had the surgery, you can benefit by learning tips and advice from previous patients for the recovery process. It contains everything you see on this website and more- in an easy-to-read PDF format that works on your smart phone, tablet, e-book reading device, or regular computer.

36-Page illustrated E-Book PDF – download instantly
  • 36 pages of graphics, charts, images, and text about ACL surgery and these topics…
  • 10 Questions to ask your doctor
  • Mistakes you shouldn’t make when having ACL surgery
  • 8 Key steps before deciding to have ACL surgery
  • Choosing the best graft: Hamstring vs Patellar vs Allograft
  • Learn what % of people choose certain grafts, and what they should have done differently
  • How to make big decisions- 6 tools that help you decide
  • Recovery timeframes- what to expect
  • After surgery, should you have your screws removed? Learn what most people do
  • Do people still wear knee braces after surgery? Which brands?
  • Estimated costs of ACL surgery
  • Tips for dealing with health insurance companies and billing departments
  • 50 Tips from real patients who recovered from ACL surgery
  • Gain peace of mind for not cutting corners or deciding prematurely

ACL SURGERY CHEAT SHEET (36-Page E-Book PDF) – $9.00

Download and see the E-book immediately after clicking the Buy Now link and purchasing.

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